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  • Wavey Finish

    At times i get a somewhat wavy finish. Anyone know the cause? I usually have to stop cure, sand to even it out, reheat and give it another light coat to get it perfect.

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    When mine did that, it was because the cure temp was too low, or the cure time was too short. The powder didn't get a chance to flow out completely. Caswell powder gets 400 degrees for 14-15 minutes, and I haven't had any more problems. Use an oven thermometer, don't trust the numbers on the dial. Make sure the part is in the middle to upper part of the oven. I did a valley cover in the bottom of the oven, and it didn't cure well at all. Powder thickness could also contribute to the problem. Make sure you use enough powder. Just my (hobbyist) experiences. Good luck!



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      In my humble experiance, wavy means heavy. Albeit true that sometimes it's an's very easy to see how one would think they are not putting enough powder on and keep going with it. Dependant upon your substrate (part)...the difference between 4 thousands of coating and 7 can be disatrous. Make sure you prep your surfaces so when the powder does cure, it won't have a "slide". The difference between making a thermoset (what you guys use) and a thermoplastic look good and the same, is good surface prep and timing. I'll be honest with you as somebody who's been in this game for well into my second decade now....a good applicator who knows and has a "touch" for applying coatings will always confuse me and make me ask "what did you put on here?" just because it's so uniform and perfect looking. As a hobbyist....practice practice practice. Don't go coating the beloved tank of your Harley first shot out if you don't know what you are doing. Get a bunch of different things and experiment. Different substrates react differently, as do powders. You'll get a touch for it and be coating like a pro in no time!