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    This goes out mostly to the Caswell people but, I'm sure you might get some response to this thread by individuals bitten by the coating bug.

    I started years and years ago much like you guys. I was always painting and wet sanding something until it shined. Then I got one of my very first jobs in a powder coating factory in CT. I started out on the sandblaster and worked my way up for years. Since then I've had some fantastic employers to work for and some very well respected talent in this business to be respected myself. Along with goals of education and training over the years, I've only fallen more in love with coatings and thier applications to substrates. Fast forward to today's date..... I find myself at the end of the road as far as what I can do next in my career. I currently advise new clientele on most any coating to most any substrate (I've done everything from the insides of nuclear reactor chambers to military and beyond). I guess what I'm saying is..... I long for the days when I was able to be fascinated and learn about doing smaller things much as you do. I'd like to get back to that in some way but feel a strong educated background in these matters would be best suited in a professional manner. To date....Caswell is a mail order business,yes? Are you guys even open to the thought of a franchise? Would anybody here buy from a local distributor that can answer questions about process and help in areas like this? Like I said....I'm just curious if any of these things have ever been thought of by the company, much less by you, the consumer of the company. I'd be MORE than willing to open a store in my area to enjoy the part of coatings that I loved so much. I get a great product, good customers and enjoy "talking shop" about all the great ways it can be used. Who really loses? Like I said....just curious. Thanks

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    Give us a call...(315) 946-1213. Ask for Mike.
    Mike Caswell
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