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Powder not sticking??

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  • Powder not sticking??

    Let the part cool so that you can touch it then try powdering. Also it sounds like your air is too high. Your powder could be contaminated,have you tried a different powder?

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    I have some new powder on the way. Come to think of it, my other powders didnt do that. I tried adjusting the air pressure, but that was no help. I will see how the new powder works.


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      Was the powder you happen to be spraying the high gloss white?? Anyways, I tried using it on the piece I was spraying and it would not stick, like you said. So I ordered some more, since it was sitting on my shelf for a year, yes i know way past the expiration. Same thing happened with the new powder! So I tried a different color on it, same thing!!!!!! The metal would not take the powder for some strange reason. Still have no idea why, it was welded and beaten to shape with tools, I was thinking maybe it had some kind of magnetism knocked into it, long shot here. Anyways, I finally was able to build a good coating up on it after I heated it up, then sprayed it, flowed the powder, sprayed again, flowed the powder, it turned out perfectly smooth and I did some testing on it in a inconspicuous area, perfect!


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        Seems to me you have a grounding problem. Ground your parts directly and try. Are you using tribo or el.stat gun ?
        Did you know that it is possible to use every gram of powder if you recycle when coating, and vapors are almost none !
        In a wet paint approx. 80-90 % evaporates into the air. Causing stress on the enviroment !
        1 kg. of powder can cover approx. 10-12 m3
        1 litre. of wet paint covers approx. 2-3 m3


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          My random renderings......... Gotta back off on that gun and it's location to the part,friend. Before you know it, yer gonna blow yourself up if it's that close and it sets off a spark. (don't believe you can do it? Take a concrete tube, put a small votive candle in the bottom and light it. shake and powdered organic over it such as flour or some such. Not a lot....just enough to create a dust much as when you are powder coating. STEP BACK! Bet you even money it's gonna ignite and VOOOOF!) Many coating shops go up in flames like this. Is it gonna be any less pretty than when it happens in your garage? I highly doubt it. Even aged powder should stick a little bit to the parts, no matter the electrostatic application (tribo, corona,etc). Cut your air flow down and stand away from the part. I bet you'll have better results.

          (for more about this entire process, see my posts in Tips and Tricks at the top of this category listing)
          Hope that helps.....and PLEASE be careful. No more REO Speedwagon lightshows with the powder guns,k? lol.....Russ


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            I agree, turn the air down to about 7-10 psi, back off, and make circular patterns with the gun. You may use a little but more powder, but you'll get a better coating.