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Does a coating exist that can be bent slightly?

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  • Does a coating exist that can be bent slightly?

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm powder coating jewelry and next on my list is a metal neckwire. To be worn the neckwire must be bent ever so slightly to fasten it. I tried coating wire once just to see if I could bend it and the coating cracked. Granted a neckwire will not actually be bent, only submitted to slight pressure, but I need to find a coating that can handle it. Anyone know of such a coating or brand of coating
    Thanks everyone, you're always so helpful.
    A. Derenthal
    Cry Baby Designs

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    Technically speaking....all fluoropolymer coatings are malleable to a certain extent. You didn't say what your substrate was, nor if you were the applicator of the coating. I'd assume that if ferrous or even non-ferrous substrate, and it needed to lay against the skin (acidic environment) that your application would need something micro-thin just to protect the user? I may be totally off base here, but I'm thinking something along the lines of Parylene ( measured down to the micron, not mil) or something of that sort. but then didn't state as to you wanted to replicate "gold" or not either. Just a wee bit more info if you can would be helpful in solving your conundrum. Thanks