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apply a second coat of powder?

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  • apply a second coat of powder?

    I am attempting a grueling job....

    A 6 point roll cage with a little tiny UV light. I cant seem to get enough powder to stick to the metal. I think it is just because it is at night and hard to see what I am doing. Now, because of this I have an orange peel. Can I apply a second coat of powder to fix this??


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    Shane..... I'll assume the rollcage is already welded to the subframe and such. As far as coating over a cured coating, it can be done. I'll also assume that you've coated with a poly standard pigemented med gloss or what have you. Now... with that said. The first thing you want to do is scuff (by hand) the previously coated area with 80 grit sandpaper. The black wet/dry stuff will do. Get all that orange peel off. This will take a while, mind you. After the orange peel is gone, step up to a good general hit with the 120 grit, and then move to something a little finer. I'd stop at 160-180 grit area. The goal here is to re-prep the surface so you don't go putting good on top of bad but, still leaving enough grip for the fluoropolymer to adhere to again. Once this is done (yes, it will be a pain and take quite a while to do correctly!) CLEAN the area completely with a good denatured alcohol a few times. No grease, sanding residue, fingerprints, dust, etc. Get a good light source. One can never have enough viewable area. Re-coat as per your directions as you did in the first place. The main thing here is preperation. This is going to be key in your process and where all good finishes seperate themselves from the "also rans" in the race. Take your time and slow down. if it doesn't look right after you apply and before you "cure" again with that UV light....blow it off and do it again. This is the joy of powder coating. You don't have to settle for what you just did right away like the liquid paint guys! I hope that helps in some sort of way. Good luck with your project and send me some pictures,ok?.....Russ