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Is coating harmful to human skin after it is cured?

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  • Is coating harmful to human skin after it is cured?

    Hi again,
    Another person on this board brought up some points I didn't consider. I'm powder coating neckwires to be worn, well...on your neck. Will the cured coating irritate the skin? Will contact with sweat change the color of the coating? If anyone knows the answers to these questions please let me know. I'm a jewelry designer by trade.
    Thanks again,
    A. Derenthal

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    As stated ealier, I inquired about if your product was going directly in contact with the human body for sake of the metal, not the coating. Most coatings are inert and hamless unless burnt. For example... if your part is typical steel, it would eventually irritate flesh if left in place for too long. Picture what happens when a piece of unprtoteced steel is left out to the elements and compund that due to the fact that your skin is actually an acidic envirmonment believe it or not. A coating is definately a step in the right direction if this is the case. You're on the right track, so no fears there. I just didn't know how flexible you wanted the coating or what it was going on is all. questions for you. All in paraphrase your question, no. Most anything that you desire for your application will not affect the wearers' skin or irritate it......Russ


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      sorry....(I should preview these posts before I submit,huh? ha ha ha). Dependant upon which coating/tint/pigment you use it will not likely be affected colour wise either. You'd be surprised to find out how many every day items that you come in contact with your own personal body that have such coatings on them already and the consumer is never aware of it due to the fact that it never dis-colors or deviates from it's intended purpose (eyeglasses and clothing are two such examples). Again....sorry for the lengthy "P.S." added to this. Augest.... feel free to e-mail me after you've looked this site over and/or contacted Caswell with your dilemma. If they can't help you or guide you in a direction, I'd be more than happy to talk. This just sounds like one of those non-hobbiest technical area's to me is why. Then again, I'm sure if there's an answer to your application that Caswell can help will no doubt get sterling service from inception to completion. Call em first,ok? Thanks....Russ

      By the way.....did you consider one of the Caswell plating solutions? Just a thought.