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  • Opinions on chrome powder

    I am about to get into powercoating and would be using the chrome powder. What are your opinions guys on the chrome powder?? Does it maintain its shine? Can it be wet sanded, and buffed with tripoli and rough to get a better shine? If a clear coat isn't applied, are there any side effects?

    Thanks, Brian

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    I can only offer my experiance with the product. I'm sure you will get 10 different views only due to the fact that it's such a "specific" powder to use. While not a true replacement for could be quite nice and cost effective on a great many things. I've had the best luck with this powder on pieces that have many counter-reflective surfaces within itself. That is to say..... An air intake manifold for a small block Chrysler and such. This powder loves twists and bends. On large surfaces such as flat steel that you need the "blue" chrome shine to? I wouldn't be so quick to apply it. Also..... it mimics any other heavily pigmented powder in it's structure as such it is susceptible to marring, abrasions and flaws unforseen at the time of application. It is a plastic after all...and plastics will never be a substitute for triple plated chrome.
    Secondly.... I would most certainly use a clear coat on top of this powder. Even the best poly will eventually "chalk" in the best conditions. The clear gives it that wet look and is also more durable due to the fact of higher pure-resin count (I.E. no pigmentation to deter inter-bonding). As a matter of fact....I would almost like to see a tinted clear or a chameleon cler on top of it should you apply it to a motorcycle part (wheel, tank, etc). I bet that would look really different to have a chrome high-gloss effect with a blue/red/green hue or what have you. I would even go so far as to say that with the right coloration could produce the effect of a drop of honey,piece of mahogony or large emerald type of scene on a Harley gas tank alone. The only limitation is your imagination, so they say. Then again....the customer paying for this would be a good help as well . I hope some of what I said sparked your imagination as to what can and can't be done....but then again, soooooo tough to fit everything in here without sounding long winded, ya know? Good luck with your exploration and keep us all up to date......Russ