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    hey whats up, yet again im posting lol. But my question is, i have seen on TV that people have respirators and a suit when they powder coat. My dad was telling me when he gets stuff in at work like chemicals they get a MDSS( Material Data saftey sheet) with the chemicals. It tells then what exactuly is in the chemicals and what to do if they breath it in, get it on there skin, eyes, ect... I was JW what type of mask/ respirator would i need becuase my dad can get me one when the time comes. So what type of air filter ( if thats the correct term) will i need on a respirator? What are the suits for? Are they just to protect ur clothes or is powder coating bad for ur skin too. I know i have to wear gloves and stuff becuase if i get 1 drop of oil from my skin on the metal the powder wont stick to it.

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    i just DLed a MDSS. It says to wear a NIOSH aproved respirator. I looked up NIOSH and its like the people who aprove the respirators before they go on the market. What kind of respirators do u guys use?


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      it's a matter of cleanliness as well as breathing abilites (the bunny suits anyways). The NIOSH respirators will work just fine. Just remember, OSHA treats this as a nuisance dust, oddly enough. You'll notice they didn't say nuisance chemical. Because's not. It is, like all other organics ( flour being a good example) inert and harmless unless otherwise used contraindicatively. You burn it, you turned it into a gas...therefore harmful,k? It's no more dangerous than sand (and yes, OSHA makes you wear a mask around that as well and labels it just as harmful believe it or not) and should not be breathed in. If on your skin, you cannot absorb it, if eaten, you will not digest into your blood stream but if inhaled, will get stuck in your lungs to some degree. I personally use the cartridge type mask for myself. I take out the 2 chemical cartridges and replace them with particulate filters. Can you use the common dust masks? OSHA labels that as adequate,but I do not! Sure....but these are MY lungs and I'm not going to have the risk of anything sneaking past the paper mask and creating a medical problem down the road for me. When Dr McCoy can just take his little medical tri-corder and can replace my lungs in a few minutes, I'll consider not being as safe. Until then, I'll spend the extra few bucks on not breathing in the powder (and getting blue nose hairs!). Hope that helps....Russ


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        lol well i mean i am 15. I want a long healthy life. I dont drink, do drugs, smoke or nothing. So i think im gonna go with the respirator. Also, when i get a sand blasting cabinet do i need a dust collector? Or would i just need to wear a respirator during it the sand blasting


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          by all means get a dust collector! even if it's just a run of the mill shop vac that sucks out the shards of media's TONS better than having it all over your garage and in your coatings, etc. Not to mention what it will do to your lungs,bud. No way....the preferred way is to have a suction motor and a cyclone seperator on that blast cabinet. But never should you blast and have no means of gathering the stray dust. It contains all sorts of nasty things that shouldn't be breathed. One runs more of a risk from an unprotected blast cabinet than they do unprotected powder coating booth....but they should both be equally treated with respect because your lungs are at stake!......Russ