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metalic colors?

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  • metalic colors?

    hey i like the Reflectra 525 color. Its a really nice chrome but can it stand with chemicals?

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    Monster..... the triglycidal isocyanurate powders (TGIC) have good colours and such...and while they ARE good for subtle chemical salt spray type resistance....urethanes are best suited for resistance to what I think you have in mind (the nitro again, am I right?). Maybe a 2-coat system with the top coat being clear will give you that nice glossy look while being somewhat chemically resistive. Silver base and clear top? Still shiny silverish with better resistance in the long run that just the one coat reflectra.

    As an old chemist once taught me about settling for less in coatings "they are only comprised of 100% abilities. If you want good looks, you have to give up chemical resistance. If you want all chemical resistance, you'll give up pigment. If you want all pigment, you'll have to give up glossy good looks and so on. You can only make something as good as the 100% that you can fit it in." Basically what he meant was this..... If you need true chemical resistance in a paint or powder coating, you have to give a little to get a little. No paint or powder will ever substitute for a plating or anodizing process.....and vice versa. If you really want all the properties of chrome, then one should get chrome. If anodize, then go for that. If you're in the midset for powder coatings for thier properties or colours...then choose what well best fit you in the long run. Instead of just a pretty powder for the moment...step the reflective off a bit and go for the two-coat system as suggested. It may not be as mirror like, but in the long run it will stay looking the same instead of degrading. Good luck with your endeavours, young Jedi ..... Russ


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      Re: metalic colors?

      whats reflecta 525 ? did a search and couldn't find it. I want chrome at a powdercoat price (Or at least as close as possible). I have a powdercoat setup and jsut heard of the possibility of having parts look chrome using powdercoat. And feedback I appreciate.