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Tips and Tricks

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    Re: Tips and Tricks

    Originally posted by Badger View Post
    The funny thing is that not only is he directing people and information away from this forum, but he's selling a product as well. This is the thing that really gives me a chuckle

    This from a guy with 12 posts? I've been here for YEARS.. and bought plenty of polishing/powdercoating goodies.. spare me!

    Go buy a blaster from China and see what kind of technical support you get.. ZERO and sorry but 1 outta 10 posts re-direct people back to here.. we all buy Caswell stuff and test it out.. one hand washes the other thing..

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    Spare me..
    Umm,...... You're responding to a 2 year old post. How's that anything worthwhile?

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      Re: Tips and Tricks

      One thing that I have learned is to use a liquid paint strainer for sifting the powder. I tried the flour sifter method, but basically the powder would just fall thru before I cold sift it. I got two different paint strainers at different mesh counts. Both will work, though obviously the lower mesh count strains a little quicker. This works perfect for powder that may have been sitting for a long time, or powder that may have started clumping together due to humidity. I bought a new funnel, (one that will sit on the top of the gun cup, and new so as not to be contaminated, place the strainer in the funnel, and fill with powder. It may take a little while to sift the powder thru,(shaking or tapping the strainer) but I definitely think the end result is worth it. When the powder goes thru the strainer and into the gun cup it is broken down into an extremely fine powder. You can get a 100 count box of strainers pretty cheap. It may take a little longer, but it's worth it.


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        Re: Tips and Tricks

        Doing some parts for a customer. I advertise to send along all related nuts/bolts and I will PC them as well. A VERY fast and easy way to media blast them is to use a kitchen type strainer grandma used when making applesauce or something. Mine is about 6" in diameter, hasa a mwetal screen, shaped like a bowl and has a plastic handle. Wal Mart sells them for just a fwe bucks in the kitchen dept. I throw all my little hardware stuff in there and give it a few shots in the media blaster. Near instantly blasted clean. Shake the strainer around as you blast. Its fast. Just be careful not to blast anything outof the strainer and off into teh cabinet. small stuff has to be fished out. Ask me how I know!


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          Re: Tips and Tricks

          i also noticed if the first coat isnt cured when you recoat it leaves an ugly bumpy finish