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    I'm interested in using powder coating to restore metal woods. Anyone had any experieince doing this?


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    Metal Woods? I'm sorry....either it's a language barrier or a golf thing I'm not familiar with (very possible for both) as I've never heard of that bafore. Can anybody help me out with the definition so I can maybe better help this gentleman? Thanks guys......Russ


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      Metal Woods

      Hi Russ - Drivers and fairway "woods" are now made from stainless steel and/ or titanium and no longer from persimmon.

      They're called "metals" or "metal woods" to distinguish them from irons. For the non-golfers a single, branded metal driver can cost from $500 to $1,000. They get banged while playing about hence the need to re-coat.

      The issue with powder coating (from a newbie) is that the epoxy, bonding the shaft to the head, breaks down at about 200 deg. So if powder coating is the go then the shaft will need to be removed from the head which, especially for graphite shafts, is a hassle.

      So I'd be pleased to hear from someone who has tried it.



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        As far as "driver-woods" go, no. I can't say that I've actually coated them. Titanium and the like? You bet....almost to the point where I'd kill for a nice piece of cast aluminum. Point's very easy stuff to coat. Same with stainless under the correct circumstances (which shouldn't be a problem in this temperature range). Media blast with a high-abrasive grit for adhesion and you'll be good to go. As for removing the heads...I most certainly would. Is it a bear to do this process? More than likely. If it were me personally? I's take the time and sperate the two from thier marriage and coat the shafts independantly with powder. Tons more durable say then...a lacquer,or other liquid coating that's on them now? Not to mention...the struggle that you'll go through now will be worth it in the long run for durability sake. Use a nice poly coating on them and you'll do just fine. Hope that helps.....Russ


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          Hi Russ - Thanks for the info. I'm not sure what the standard coating is. It marks and chips very easily.

          Even epoxy coats seem to bruise white and stay that way.

          The only other coating I'm thinking about is ColorChrome from PPC. Have you tried that?



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            Bryan...... the coating you have on your clubs currently is more than likely a hi-build liquid epoxy. I find that most often, the cheapest quickest way will always win the bid on any sporting equipment ( I've done a lot of work for Spalding before so I use that as my example). If it chips and mars that easily from just bouncing around in your bag and putting on those funny looking's more than likely some sort of epoxy/lacquer wet spray application.

            What I would do..... assuming your clubs are black or some sort of "metallic" is strip them down and give them a good old fashioned media blasting. Two-coat process with a polyeurethane or TGIC will be just fine. Very durable and specifically made to be chip/mar resitant. Powders I'd recommend highly are Black cat urethane,Bay Mist TGIC,Black Wrinkle and/or HFSD Clear TGIC for the topcoat (all found on this website, and all 19.95 for a 2 pound quantity.) The powders are of a high caliber that I've used before and strongly recommend to you guys (I get no endorsement fees from Caswell saying this, I assure you. can hope I might in the future anyways, heh heh heh ) as they are industrial grade powders and the grind on them is nice. Re-assemble and Bob's your uncle so they say. Good luck with it and please post some pictures in this thread when you are finished if you are able, so that others may benefit from your experience. Hope that helped.....FORE!......Russ