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Off-Line Powdercoating

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  • DALE

    Powdering offline is simple. Small gun from caswell or hotcoat will work.Seperate booth to contain it and an oven to cure it. Ground the booth then hang your parts from it with same hooks from your line. Oven times depend on part material, size, shape and powder type. Run some test pieces, it's more of a feel kinda thing offline and less of a formula thing like a production line.

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  • non-stick
    If I may be so bold...... this seems even a little past the advanced hobbyist stage of things. I welcome you to e-mail me directly on this one so that I may know more specifics and details about your existing process. I'll help in the best way that I can for you....Russ

    [email protected]

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  • Blecheng
    started a topic Off-Line Powdercoating

    Off-Line Powdercoating

    My shop has a powdercoating booth, but it would be very helpful to be able to apply powder off-line. Small parts, small lots and enclosures too large for our paintline would be best suited to cover in our off-line booth and cure in our off-line oven.

    Can anyone offer help for the guns, grounding process and curing information about this? We would still prep the parts in our 5-stage iron phosphate pre-treat.