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  • Oven Racks/Hangers

    I am looking for places or Web sites that sell racks to hang parts on. I have found the hooks & wires but have been unable to locate any actual pre-made racks. Any suggestions......

    Also, "Non-Stick", your posts have been very informative and are a great resource of info. We will definitely be having a internet connection in our new shop for the availability of question/answers that are found on this site.

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    Thanks Jason...but don't forget that without the numerous others that have been here much longer than myself, I wouldn't be able to add my 2-cents worth anywhere. Posts by Dale,Fireblade,Duke,TomG (just a few off the top of my head) and a countless (and un-thanked) bunch of others is what makes people like me strive to learn more about my craft and from these very people do I learn it most at times! Ask away anything you might want and the first one (or all of us) will be sure to respond in the way we know best.

    The name escapes me at the moment for racking supplies that I've used in the past. I'm sure there are a bazillion guys out there that you can use.( go to and search in your area for the people that are local to you first is what I would do) I'll post what I have in my files. I have no doubt that others will do the same to help soon enough......Regards,Russ

    P.S. - a link in the services thread so we can check out your site!


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      Thanks Russ.

      Racks can be found at Majic Rack,Adjust A Rack,Shercon,Special Masking Co.,PKG Equipment Inc,Toledo Wire Products, Regal Springs Co, Mighty Hook Inc., plus hundreds of others just search online for racks and hooks.


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        I've personally used majic rack and had great success with them (the darn things last forever. just burn them off,blast and re-use) and have used Shercon for the hi-temp silicone plugs which are fantastic for masking threaded holes