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Picture of my work..thought i'd share

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  • Picture of my work..thought i'd share

    Here is some pics of a lot of parts i've done. I figured i'd share and get some constructive criticism. I've noticed ive gotten a lot better with time, and picked up A LOT of techniques from this forum and of course trial and error. Some of the pics look wavy, but thats mostly in part due to reflection of trees etc. This forum has done a lot for me, and i hope i can give back and help anyone where i can.

    Here's some of them, the rest are on my main site in the galleries section....

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    Tom, I gotta tell ya. I'm liking what I see. VERY nice results and an inspiration to many I'm sure! This is how it's done,folks. Smooth flow, nice colour combinations and attention to detail. Pretty amazing stuff as to what a "hobbyist" can do these days,huh? Keep up the good work........Russ

    P.S. ~ submit these pics to Caswell for posting on thier site,no? I sure would.


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      great pics

      hey tomg,
      looks like you have got this powder coating work down to a fine art.

      i hope my work looks as good when i get started.
      tell me, what method do you use on raised lettering on valve covers?
      i have 95 nissan pickup & my valve cover has raised & recessed lettering
      i guess recessed letters just get covered with main color?
      keep up the great work


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        Thanks for the compliments . taking pics to me is important. It shows how much you progress...when i compare stuff i did a year ago to what i do now, its totally different, i am not perfect or anywhere near it, but feel i am getting better. I guess messing up and having to try and strip nasty powder coating made me more meticulous .

        As far as raised lettering, i do it a few ways. If the lettering has a high enough profile, i just use a high speed sander to take the tops off and give contrast. If they are real low profile, i use green tape and an xacto knife to tape them off (i go over them with the high speed sander and whatever grit to give them the brushed look before painting so not to ruin the powder finish by an accidental slip of the sander). When lettering is done another color or polished, i use tape aswell. Taping is actually a pain at first, than you get used to it and become able to tape off in a few minutes. The first time i taped lettering off it probally took me like 2 hours because i kept slicing tape crooked etc. I also do the taping after pre treatment, and before outgassing and once fully cured i try to remove tape asap, when it hardens it leaves nasty edges. I also use a chisel type xacto blade to clean up the soft edges when its still hot around the lettering if its not perfect. I never had to deal with recessed lettering though, so maybe someone else could help you out with that. I'm gunan snap a picture right now of one of my cabinets and send it like i promissed, Duke. Thanks