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  • outgassing?????

    Can I preheat items with a torch to prevent outgassing?


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    noooooooooo. lol. Torch is too much heat focused in one area too long. Best to pre-heat in an oven as described in Tips and Tricks and be safe about it that way. The air pockets in non-ferrous (aluminum in this case) don't take kindly to rapid expansion. It may just crack on you.....Russ


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      That would be on large items,(the hey I cant put THAT in an oven) and I wouldnt hold it there for extended peroids of time. You know move it around a bit


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        ummmmmm. no,lol. Seriously though... if you wanna risk it, be my guest. I suppose anything is possible in this world but how were you going to cure the powder anyways? Just pre-heat via that method. Maybe if you told me what you are doing or more specifically....what you were trying to coat and what sources for heat you'd have available to you, I could help a little more. Generally'd have to have a painfully light touch with any torch to cast aluminum though. One crack or fissure and that part is history.... big or little.

        *edited* I'd also tend to think that with heating like that, you'd be putting some quick oxidation on the part as well,no? Just a random thought.


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          Yea, i wouldnt use a torch....just preheat it the same way you'd cure it. Putting a torch to cast aluminum will most likely create some carbon build up or some kinda crust that would screw up adhesion....maybe? *shrug*