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whats up guys, few questions here

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  • whats up guys, few questions here

    hey guys, im new to powdercoating and would like some questions answered.

    first, i am going to be doing some 17 inch wheels soon when i get the stuff i ordered from you guys. when doing wheels, what type of powder do i need to buy? should i do a gloss coat after doing the color of my choice? should i sand blast the wheels as well? i bought a sand blasting cabinet... im not really sure if it will fit a 17 though, but ill find something that fits. how long should i cook the powders for after applied?

    what kind of temps can the powder tolerate? what about parts like valve covers, and intercooler pipes. should i always use a gloss coat afterwards for a shiny look? thanks. any other tips are welcomed as well! thanks josh

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    Welcome to the "club".'s best to sandblast your wheels before powder coating. Also.... it best to put a clear poly coating on your wheels after you've put the "color" on as well. The clear helps protect against road chips and abrasions, while being a strong top-coat.... the advantages are increased strength and UV resistance due to no pigment. Not to mention... a nice clear coat on top always gives you that "wet" look . As for temperature range of powder, once it's cured it can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 275 degrees farenheit safely without loss to the coloration. For anything needing a higher temp, I suggest going with the silicone based powders offered by Caswell. I don't see any problems though.
    As for how long to cure the powders, generally speaking 390 degrees for 20 minutes PMT (part metal temperature) should do just fine. I highly recommend reading the Tips and Tricks threads to get all kinds of neat tricks that others have found success with here (we love sharing). Also.... take a good look at results achieved with Caswell products in the Pictures of Finished Parts using Caswell Products thread. That should give you an idea of the impressive results one can get being a "hobbyist" these days.

    All in all.... we're glad your here and part of the family. Don't be afraid to ask any question at all and we'll help out as best we can........Russ