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who has coated a 17 inch rim here?

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  • non-stick
    I can't speak directly in all honesty on this one in particular because I've never been at the hobbyist stage in my coating career with exception to a spray can in my younger days.... but I'll add my 2 cents as per usual on this one. I typical "larger" oven (not the apartment sized ones) will fit one rim of your size with very little modification. Free the top element out as you won't be broiling the powder coating, but baking it instead. So sayonara to that few inches of hindered clearance. Secondly... for this application, I would be crafty and make some sort of "jig" that the rim can sit on, if you will. Maybe 5 pieces of threaded metal rod with nuts and washers to hold the rim far enough off the ground of the plate you mount it to, but elevated enough so that you can get good powder coverage around everything should do nicely. Make the base of this plate the size that your oven will accept it by "sliding" it in on the very floor of the oven (if oven i.d. is 22 wide by 22 deep, base plate footprint should be 21 1/2 wide by 21 1/2 deep, etc.). There.... you've just made a rack capable of coating the rim on and securing in the oven all the while sturdy enough for transport from coating booth to oven, to bench where it can cool. Personally.... I'd maybe make two of these so when I take my first rim out of the oven, I can put a second in and let it cure. After the first one has cooled... remove the rim and repeat. The timing should be close enough to where you can get all 4 done quickly AND you have jigs set up for future use as well!
    In searching for an oven, I wouldn't be concerned with brand names. Let's face it.... you won't ever be Emeril with it, so keep it to the basics. 3 factors here.... cheap, big and electric. I've seen them laying at the top of the driveway when somebody does a remodel of a home, in salvation army stores and see them all the time for well under 100 dollars in the paper. Each one of them is acceptable if it meets all three of the requirements that I just stated. Theory dictates that if your rim is 17" round and the oven is 19 1/2" square... it will fit. Place the rim in the oven you have now enough so that it doesn't hit the back, then close the door. If it doesn't move or hit the door... then it's big enough. Plain and simple. Hope that helps ya..... Russ

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  • red99ls1ta
    started a topic who has coated a 17 inch rim here?

    who has coated a 17 inch rim here?

    im going to be doing rims, but i dont know yet if the oven i got will fit a 17 inch rim. its about 19.5 inches from teh back to the front.... its high enough to clear 7 inches,but how do you guys do it? is there a certain type of oven to get? thanks