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  • hey... drfir1976

    great pics mate , tell me, did you clear coat over chrome powder?
    how did you cure bike frame? with i.r. lamp?
    sure hope my p/cing can reach your quality when i get rolling.
    i am almost finished blasting cabinet & will post pics when finished.

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    text moved from Pictures of Finished parts using Caswell Products

    on 16 November 2003 21:20 User Fireblade wrote:

    "Hey nice pics, I especially like the last pic of thumb throttles and perches. The one with the three different colors on the three different pieces. What colors are they?"


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      Thanks everyone for the complements
      Makes me fill like I'm doing something right.

      Any who. To answer your "?'s" duke, I always put a clear over the chrome. The stuff just tarnishes to easy.

      I use a lamp on my large items such as bed rails and step bars for trucks, but I used my oven for the ATV and Bike frames.

      The colors were Chrome, Translucent Candy Red, and Lollypop Blue. The Candy Red and Lollypop Blue are top coats that were applied over the Chrome. They both look really good with a silver flake added to them. Gives it that little extra "POW"


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        I thought that was what you did there. It gives it a nice look doesn;t it, I really like when people want that color, it is interesting to do and see the outcome, no matter how many times I do it.