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Just a thank you note.

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  • Just a thank you note.

    I just wanted to say thanks to Russ and Tom for helping "The New Guy out". Far to often when a question is asked on these threads the response is just read by the person who started it and that is it. I am guilty of that as well, To busy to type back? Nope, lazy But I am sure I speak for alot of guys here when saying thanks to thoes of you to help us, Even know you type the same thing over and over again. Because we dont "search" previous posts.


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    Bah! no thanks needed. This is what I do. Thank Tom (and others) for going above and beyond the call of duty for sharing. I'm just glad you found a place cozy enough to call home and enjoy it here. Unlike other threads elsewhere, we like to help to the point of "enough already!!!!!"... maybe at times we fight over who gets to respond first but I kinda enjoy that. Call it sibling rivalry,lol. It's a good thing to be able to know you'll come someplace and get a straight non-nonsense approach to a realistic problem if we have an answer to it. Likewise you'll do the same when you get a firm grasp on what you are doing to the next guy that comes along. Welcome to the newb's I say..... it's what sets Caswell apart from the "other guys" and we darn well know it! lol. Welcome aboard Dave and thanks to Tom and everybody else who shares thier wisdom on this board........ Russ


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      People helped me when i first came here and started coating and polishing, and they still do. Its my duty to help anyone else if i can, and besides it makes me feel important . Good luck and as always if you have any questions POST. We like an active forum....even if you need to ask how to do the simpliest cut helps everyone else around here who reads the posts or may be too scared to ask.