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I made a sand blasting tent.

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  • I made a sand blasting tent.

    I'm a hobbyist with a limited workshop and needed some blasting done. I built a simple frame with PVC and stitched together a Tyvek tent.
    I'm not sure why no one makes a commercial version of this. Sized to sit on a folding table and set up in very little time. Zippers were sourced from discarded soft luggage found on the side of the road. They TYVEK is a perfect material for this. Tyvek is super strong, relatively cheap and sews nicely. I tacked together with hot glue tabs and then sticched with a small Brother sewing machine. The window is from Acrylic from Tapp plastic and sits on a nice repurposed carbinet face frame that sliced in half. Lit on the inside with a LED shop light.
    Works great. pics here...

    some pics of the build here..

    Total cost- well under $50[1]

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    And it's the size you need...nicely done!