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    I'm curious to know how some of you are hanging wheels for shooting and curing. I usually put an eye bolt through the valve stem hole and grind/taper the nuts so that they make very little contact with the rim. Then I hang with hooks I make out of heavy wire normally used for drop ceiling installation. Rather than make the hooks, what's recommended for ready-made hooks and which desigh is best to minimize the wheels from wanting to rotate when hanging?

    Feel free to post pics of your method if possible.


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    The best way is to use Hooks, what hooks are you currently hanging them on? S? V? etc

    I usually Mask off area's of the Wheel that don't need to be coated with some form of Silicone plug, I would then hang them using S or V hooks depending on the size and width of the wheel, V hooks tend to work better if you're having problems with the wheels moving whilst hanging.

    In terms of making the hooks or buying them in, we always buy them in as making them is an extremely long and drawn out task when the hooks themselves cost very little when buying in decent quantities. Maybe look for a good high temp masking supplier (like as this will help you drastically with all of your masking needs.


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      i hook the rims in the hole where u put the air plug( pardon my english) using S hooks


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        I'm just wondering if anyone has been using this gun for a long period of time? If so how do you like it? How is it with laying multiple coats like Chrome bottom coat bright mid color and say a clear top?