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Buzzing noise....and cleaning of gun

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  • Buzzing noise....and cleaning of gun

    So I had the gun on the floor and I stepped on the pedal to check continutity with a tester (and I got nothing). The gun started to buzz or hiss is that normal?

    Also how do you guys clean your guns? I am useing about 40 psi of air blowing off and through the gun with a blow gun. any other suggestions?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Back when i used a hobby gun, it would interfere with my radio....twas weird...but i dont know exactlly what that is. As far as cleaning the gun, i like to use a air gun with a long skinny extension that you can fit down in the barrel a ways. Walmart sells a cambell hausefield one like that for like $5. I also use about 90 psi. Remember to get all that old powder out...cross contamination is frustrating


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      Dave.... I have no doubt the humming that you hear is resonant voltage from the gun itself. This is how the powder gets it's "charge" if you will. Powder is pushed through the "corona" of said charge and it gathers into the powder itself making your attraction to the part possible. On the industrial units, this effect can actually be felt by the user and more-so.... heard via a high-pitched whine coming from the gun. Nothing to worry about... it's normal.


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        Ok thanks guys, I just wasn't sure.