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how much voltage?

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  • how much voltage?

    When useing the "Hobbist" gun, should you measure the voltage with a voltmeter? And if so should you set it on a AC volt setting or does the box change it to a DC current?

    Thanks Dave

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    wow... good question, Dave. I have no clue about the hobbyist gun settings to be totally honest with you. I may be speaking out of line here (somebody correct me if I'm wrong please) but the hobbyist guns are preset at 20KV, aren't they? As for what type of voltage you have.... it's DC current. Basically it's an elaborate system to transform 120 VAC to 20,000 VDC. The industrial guns are no different. Amperage is nil so you don't have to worry about that but, industrial goes up to an adjustable 100KV (one hundred thousand) VDC. I'm betting if your gun is active, the setting is where it should be regardless..... Russ


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      Thats correct, hobby guns are a preset KV :P


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        That would explain why I wasnt getting a reading on the AC side of the meter, and I did not try DC. But I wasnt complaining because the powder was "Sticking"....Why ask how kinda thing.