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How to dispose of powder coat waste.

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  • How to dispose of powder coat waste.

    Is it possible to put powder in the cardboard box it came in and put in the cure oven to get it hard and then throw away after it cools?

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    Yes... But It's easier to just sweep up the excess and put it in the waste can.. No need to suffer the extra time used semi curing the powder. It's generally environmentally inert
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      Thank you for the great response!


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        start in the morning with a clean spray booth and at the end of the day's shift clean out the spray booth and filters, then weigh the resultant powder. Simple mathematics will give the approx. efficiency of your plant. Experience shows manual booths without recovery results in 50% of the applied powder ending up as waste. Automatic plants, dependent upon design, can achieve 85% efficiency if the recovered powder is circulated back into the system. 3d printing technology gujarat india

        However waste is not always the answer to overspend -- your quotation to a customer may be based upon applying 2.5 mls film weight of powder but in product, the actual figure maybe 3-4 mls a very big on-cost. Check film weights twice a day to maintain cost effective powder coating.


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          Hi there. The common practices of disposing excess powder are not safe or effective. Shoveling leftover powder into a box destined for the landfill poses environmental hazards, and placing that box into an oven to solidify the paint often creates a fire hazard. Today’s application technology uses pneumatic pressure to move a powder coating through hoses to hand-held or automated guns that spray the powder with a positive electrical charge onto the component. If you live in Toronto, you can rent a dumpster from and they'll pick it up and take it to recycling.
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