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  • duke46
    I can't even find one like that?? I see a number barley that looks to be 618 but that is not helping. It is a shame they do not have better instructions as for as settings with all I have read on the 365 and other forums. Do you have a link to it? Most of the units they make are copies of Gema and not sure if they copy A Wagner or Nostrum? Once you can figure out what it is a copy off then you can get a manual for the brand name unit and that should help you a bunch. Is there another part that also goes with it with other controls? They also have one that is more automatic and does most of its own adjusting according to what some guys have said. Best of luck to you and hope you can figures it out.

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  • ManicMan
    started a topic System settings

    System settings

    Hi guys,
    I'm still reading and about to use my PC system, but I'm (again) in need of help as the manual for my gun is virtually no good!!!
    Please could someone point me in either the right direction about the 3 settings on the attached pic.
    1. I know the first 2 settings are KV and UA but I can't find out what the 'gun' setting does?
    2. Is there any 'chart' for the correlation of KV in relation to UA for thin items or large heavy components i.e. garden gate?
    3. Also, how might the scenarios above change for 2nd and 3rd coats?

    Sorry to be a continual pain, but we've all to start somewhere