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  • Powder coating question


    I would like to know about powder coating for aluminum interiors, and protecting them from wear and tear. I was searching online to know more and found this, .

    Here I read about powder coating for industrial purposes. But nothing has been mentioned whether it can be used for home repair and maintenance. So, I would like to know more about aluminum coating as I am planning to get my office interiors done with this. Would it be more durable? Also, are the same powders used for interiors and exteriors? Please help. Thank you so much.

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    Most powders are Polyester powders. They are generally good for indoor and outdoor use, and are fairly durable. If you want extreme durability and chemical resistance, and your pieces to coat are not going to be exposed to direct sunlight (No window openings in the vicinity), then Epoxy powders may be a good option. Epoxies tend to degenerate when exposed to UV rays, fairly quickly.

    My favorite option is usually a Urethane, due to gloss and flow characteristics... Usually also good indoors and outdoors.

    Coating aluminum is common and no big deal for a decent coater. In one sentence of your post, you talk about offices, another asks about industrial uses... Coating is used in both applications and architectural solutions as well, due to its durability.

    You definitely want to have some discussions with your specific details with a coater to determine your best options and applications.
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