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Wiring Watlow 93 confusion

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  • Wiring Watlow 93 confusion

    I'm having a mental block on wiring my Watlow 93BB1DD00RR PID. I bought this PID as well as a Jard 17426 contactor as well as a Fotek SSR-40 DA SSR three years ago. As I'm looking at the Watlow wiring for this PID it states it is a mechanical controller which has me questioning the electronics I purchased. I need some clarity.


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    Been a while since I did any wiring on these, but I do remember that the "DD" portion of the part number signifies both portions of the controller will power a RELAY or contactor as it is a DC output per channel... the same stuff can control the proper SSR . Your SSR part number indicates it will be fine as long as your load does not exceed 80% of the rated capacity (32 amp draw), as well as it requires a heat sink to cast off excess heat... I recommend a cooling fan set up as well for the SSR and heat sink. I am unfamiliar with the contactor so won't advise on that part specifically.
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