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Hanging a Motorcycle Frame

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  • Hanging a Motorcycle Frame

    I will soon be powder coating a motorcycle frame for the first time in my 4'x4'x6' oven. I have a rolling rack that I can hang the frame from, but I need some ideas on how to do it. Should I use a piece of threaded rod through the steering stem neck with large washers and nuts? I can make hooks from heavy gauge drop ceiling wire to handle in a variety of other ways too. If you have a picture or two of how you do it, please feel free to share.


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    Hang and do several "dry runs" loading and unloading it, to insure you will not have issues with it swinging and hitting the sides of the oven or cart. I always hung frames angled from back to front, and secured the lower part to a specific bar attached across the cart just for the occasion. I have pics somewhere, but am currently one of the billions of idiots trying to figure out how best to handle my photos online, since Photobucket has gone Stupid.


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      As you suggested, I did the dry run several times to make sure the frame wouldn't bump or swing wildly during it's roll into the oven. I did the final prep work Friday evening and very early Saturday morning I shot a coat of zinc primer and then the final coat of gloss black. The frame came out beautiful and we're already underway with final assembly.

      Why anyone would want to paint a frame when you can have durable and awesome results like this baffles me. A serious restoration should be done right!