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What gun to use with a hopper?

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  • What gun to use with a hopper?

    The more I read, the more I find out how things work and the more specific I become with my PC gun requirements. It seems that if I'm going to PC some wheels with a base of chrome and some other outside metallic color, as an example, I would need a gun with dual or adjustable voltage. In addition, I would need a hopper or liquidizer to keep the powder consistently mixed so that I don't get uneven spray layers. Because the Eastwood gun with a voltage source has gotten mixed reviews, I would like to know what you guys recommend. I don't know what my budget is, but any system I buy that doesn't do the job, well..... that would mean I paid too much. If it does what I want, then I need to consider what the starting prices are.

    I don't have a gun yet. I'm still working on the oven and sandblasting cabinet.

    Please help!


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    Are you planning on doing this as a business? If so, plan on spending about 3500 on a gun (Cheap end of new industrial model)... you can get a much cheaper Chinese copy that will do very well, too. COLO is the brand to go to if you choose the budget route. I have been around this stuff so long I have mixed feelings on some things, but the higher end guns are absolutely better products, but the Chinese knock offs can be a good way to start in case you think you may or may not stick with it. I rather like the Parker Ionics Guns for "top of the line" guns, but you will want to find someone who has used them recently to know what will apply best for you. Gema, Wagner, both good guns slightly cheaper (well maybe not the Gema... but they have a few to choose from I believe) and Nordson... Nordson has recently taken the bottom rung on the Pro Gun Ladder with some less than favorable ratings from folks who have bought them and their support was terrible in certain areas.... Otherwise... you can buy the guns sold by the resellers which are Chinese parts assembled in the USA by 8 dollar an hour techs... (Just a guess) and do very well too.
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      ScottRods, you have hit the nail on the head! I would like to try my hand at PC, but not spend too much money, in case it doesn't work out. On the other hand, if it works out, I wouldn't mind spending the bucks for a higher end unit. I'll check the COLO you recommended. From what I understand, if you don't have a hopper or liquidizer our application might not be uniform and you would notice it especially on transparent colors, like gold over super chrome.

      Notice the finish on the buggy in the picture. That's the kind of finish I'm looking for ultimately.


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