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    Hi Folks Im new I am into motorbikes and custom build have been for a number of years last year I started cleaning carbs and other motorbike related stuff so bought a blast cabinet now customers are asking if I will powder coat question I am thinking about if for my own trike rebuild but dont want to buy an expensive gun so looked at a set up from ElectrosticMagic its not a fancy machine but will it be alright. Oven isnt a problem Im lucky landlord deals in commercial catering equipment so i got one that can hold 2 wheels for free (he is a top bloke) what is the pit falls

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    welcome to the madness that is powder coating... Should you continue down this rabbit hole, you will spend more on the powder coating than you can imagine. It starts off innocently as a "My own" thing, and before you know it (and $30k-$60k later) you're another sucker that thought this was easy and now are committed to learning and applying powder for a living... It's addictive as hell and will literally cost you more than you could possibly save coating your own parts... Cool deal on the oven... The price is right for sure. But Don't go buying **** guns as you will just be throwing money down the drain... spend the scratch and buy at least a decent used industrial gun... They're not cheap... and if you are in Europe... powder coating supplies are different than the US as some are not available at all, such as a good Paint/coating stripper...

    Good luck!


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      thanks for that it is something im starting up for myself maybe someday ill be a millionaire and have the money to spend on decent gear but for now have to start small and see how i get on testing the market first