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filler or fillers for powder coating, ie repairing scuffs on alloys etc

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  • filler or fillers for powder coating, ie repairing scuffs on alloys etc

    hi all, can anyone help with what types of fillers etc i can use? ive read so much conflicting **** about what can and cant be used to repair the scuffs and gouges etc in alloys before coating. most say you cant use normally body filler due to it cracking or melting.. some say you can use two part epozy resins.. some say you cant!

    there must be a solution to the problem as it gets done daily by many ppl!

    i was watching a large (and very expensive) tub on ebay from spain that was specially designed for use in powder coating... however its ended and didnt have a name that i can find online.. it was the only such thing i could actually find of this sort?

    and reccomendations/names etc, im uk so this may be an issue but anything that can help will be a help

    my ovens are nearly done ive ordered some stripper ive got the blasters etc just need to tie up the loose ends now and get cracking

    thanks in advance

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    Bottom line - If it wasn't made specifically for powder coating filler... then it probably isn't right.

    There are things to consider when filling scratches and gouges that you probably won't think about until it's you trying to figure out what just happened...

    I recommend the Filler that Tiger Drylac makes, called EPO STRONG. It is a product concocted by a powder manufacturer (global presence)... and is hands down the easiest to to use and best suited for most situations.

    That's not to say it's the only way... just the best. It is a 2 part filler and works almost like standard automotive BONDO. Which is not suited for filler when your coating with powder.

    You CAN use other things as well, but you may find you have some issues arise when shooting Flake/metallic powders of them, such as "QuickSteel" putty that has some form of steel "fiber" in it... I've used it and it does a fine job of filling and there was no other way to tell, except when I shot Alien silver metallic powder over it, the flakes stood funny over the filled area. This could be from the actual repair, or from the steel in the filler or whatever... just telling you what I had happen.

    You can also use JB weld products. However... You need to pay close attention to the product temperature ranges it is capable of handling. Only 2 of the JB products I have seen are really up to 400 degree cure temps... so read and follow the directions on use, and be aware of that temp range. The grey liquid tube type stuff will handle the heat, and there's one other one I read thta has the correct range... Don't remember which, but I am pretty sure it WAS NOT JB Kwik... so stay away from that one.

    Back to the Tiger Drylac stuff... You may have to tell the phone sales people that they sell the stuff... some of them are entirely unaware of the filler they sell. Go to their downloads and find the part number on their website... It's pretty easy to find. Once you give the sales person the part number, they will send you what you wanted... It's not free so consider the price into any job you may be quoting this to use in the finishing of the parts... along with other costs of course.

    Hope this helps...
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      thanks again SCOTTRODS for a very usefull post, quicksteel and JB weld are the two i found pretty easy online an was looking at some of the JB range which do indeed show they online cure to 170 degrees C etc and only the reallt decent one was the chemical metal version (grey stuff you mention) . im glad youve mentioned the quicksteel thing as i was going to order a couple of these tubes of putty to get me by for now until i found some stuff so ill steer that haha... its also quirte expensive for small amounts which is why ive turned to hear for help on it

      the stuff i mentioned i found on ebay was specially designed by a powder coating company but didnt have a name on the tub i could find as it was foreign (spanish i believe) large tubs of two part but was £150 plus shipping :0

      luckily i found all this on ebay on sunday and talked the guy into a deal to sell me the lot for £470 which im well pleased about, theres 17 5kg tubs off powder coat some of which is candy etc and told was £80 a box so im very pleased, estimate around £1500 worth of consumables all in most of it untouched, was a 440 mile round trip but very worth it for the amount of stuff ive got!

      have you ever tried filler primer powder coat over the quick steel before the colour coat? can imagine its poss down the the way the powder coat is lying due to it being not the same material?