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Translucent Issues

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  • Translucent Issues

    Was shooting some blue translucent over silver and had 2 batches to do. First batch turned out great, second one not so. Got some weird results that almost looks like powder just as it starts to flow, but it definitely went through a complete bake. Here's what I do for translucents: Bake first color and coat the translucent on part just a little warm, bake until flow, pull out and hit areas that are a little thin to even out the color. Most of the time part is fairly hot at this time, but the hot flocking has worked in the past. So, did this on these parts and got these results. Flocked too hot? Too heavy powder? Gun is a HyperSmooth 2 with multi-coat tip. Any ideas? Can this be fixed or strip and start over?

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    Strip and start over, when hot flocking you are rolling the dice every time , and with a cheap hobby unit , the chance for error goes up about 100% . Uneven cloud , burps , sags, or icicles .