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Big problems shorting oven elements

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  • Big problems shorting oven elements

    My oven has 4 3410 watt elements. I've had it up to temp 400 a few times so far. The other day I actually had time to powder some things and try it out. I can't remember the exact order this took place, but.......
    got up to 400 no problem.
    decided to lay foil over all 4 elements.
    bringing oven up to temp after it cooled.
    contacts started chattering badly.
    removed tinfoil.
    found I tripped 50amp double pole breaker.
    after much investigation I found that 3 out of 4 elements shorted insides of themselves.
    measuring ohms determined this.
    Now for the part that has me stumped.....when installng my elements in oven, I didn't drill the holes perfectly for the terminals to protrude through the back of sheet metal. So, I bent the terminals. Some I bent an eight of inch. But on all three bad ones, i bent the actual terminals 90 degrees to make an easier connection with wires. These are screw on terminals.
    I read that it s ok to bend new elements. But did I take it too far? Or is something else causing the elements to short? A little more details....elements are lying on floor of oven. I did not drop anything on them. And I have a new control box with pid and contractors. After I removed the one shorted element the contractors do not chatter. But I still have 2 dead (not heating) elements and the one good element attached
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    Not sure from your description, but sounds like you may have caused most of the issue bending the elements too tightly. 90 degrees is OK, but not in a super short distance. They need a fair radius to the bends you make with them.

    Also, you state the elements are laying on the floor, some sort of stand off is needed if not already in play. I don't know how laying foil on the burners would cause them to react, but think the foil would likely just burn up and the part not touching, would fall through. This is something I've never seen, so I may be wrong. Not knowing how large the oven is from the description, I don't know if I can offer up any sound advice on what you've got and how to get the best results. Set up some good pictures to help with the explanation and maybe some help will come around. Might include some info on your abilities and knowledge and how things are set up already as well. the more info, the better the help.