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  • Ultra Chrome - Help needed

    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to get to grips with Ultra Chrome (in the UK) in order to get the best finish on old car bumpers / wheel center caps etc as I'm getting more people who are restoring old bikes/cars etc.... The TDS says 10 mins at 180, so first of all I applied a zinc rich primer, then the Ultra Chrome but I'm getting mixed results on the finish!! Some area's have flowed out great, where others have an 'orange peel' finish The powder manufacturer's (HMG) recommendation as it needed a thicker coat. I followed this but unfortunately applied too much as I had runs (shot it hot/warm)

    OK, so if someone who's shot chrome could help I've the following questions regarding small thin items....

    Do you shoot the chrome hot or cold as Eastwood recommend cold for a consistent coverage film but others say hot?
    What Kv and Amps would be good for a starting guide for small thin items?
    What base layer (primer or some say white...) would you recommend to help bring the chrome out with??
    Some recommend a slightly higher temp to flowout (as this apparently aids flowout) then drop to the TDS settings??

    Thanks all

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    Some close ups of the different finishes I'm getting....


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      The items you are describing shouldn't be all that difficult. Simply put, practice, practice, practice... You will eventually get the coverage right and learn what it feels like and how it looks.

      I don't recommend any one chrome powder over another as they all pretty much turn Silver once you add the required clear coat. There isn't a Chrome out that *really* does chrome well... and none will weather well typically just washing it will kill the finish fairly fast... even with ultra mild soaps, without a clear. I used to sell it as "Hyper Silver" as that was the closest I ever came to matching a silver someone brought to me to match. Pretty dead on. If you have customers that want a chrome finish, start right away making sure they don't expect anything tat looks like chrome plating... or even near.