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Read this first. (helpful comments for all the new people)

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  • Read this first. (helpful comments for all the new people)

    Hi gang.....

    I just wanted to take a minute and go over a few minor details with you about some things.

    While I like "talking shop" with you all about every little nuance about Powder Coating and it's greatness, we all need to be reminded that this is indeed a Caswell product forum. for you, the Caswell customer. We're here not only to help each other, but "promote the site from within" so to speak and I thank each and every one of you for doing a stellar job thusfar. Every day product lines are being expanded here and ALL of what you say is being looked at for anything we can do as a company that would benefit you as a customer. If you have a request, an observation or even some helpful advice pertaining to Caswell products.... by all means voice it here. We'll fall all over each other at times even, to help out the best we can. There's a special section here for colour requests, tips and tricks to overcome some of the malady's associated with our "hobby" and even a thread reserved for those that like to show off thier skills as a coater. Please view them all for inspiration to your very own applications and see them as what they are intended to be..... a guide to help you become a better Caswell oriented finisher. I for one, enjoy spending my time here and do so at my own expense . I also have no reservations about sharing my knowledge in this industry as a leader in my field. This is one of the things that makes these threads great, I feel. No hang-ups, no secrets.... just a family atmosphere all in the name of bringing ourselves to the "next level" in this hobby. By all means.... if you are an advanced hobbyist or seasoned professional, share with us your valuable insight to the industry. If you are just starting out or have hit a brick wall and have a question, ask it and it creates new ideas and processes to be explored. Enjoy yourselves here and have fun with it.

    Coatings in general are advancing every day. Never before in history has the "hobbyist" ever had an outlet to acheive the great professional results as you have in this point in time. I feel it's only going to get better in due time and this very forum will be looked back in history as a key element to it's fantastic growth if we all keep the big picture in mind.

    We thrive on ideas and support our own here as a people. Not just in posting threads, but also in supporting the core of our structure (the Caswell site itself). Let's keep on this road to success with this in mind and I have no doubt..... the opposition will be eating our dust and constantly 3 steps behind in the game,k?

    In the mean time.... PLEASE don't take it to heart if something that you have posted has been "augmented" for the greater good of all involved here. I'm only doing my job so that we can all pretty much keep having fun and have this friendly atmosphere of learning this fantastic method of coating. I know I speak on behalf of Caswell Inc. when I say "thank you for being here and making this business what it is. Each one of you are valued and appreciated and we wouldn't have it any other way". Keep up the good work and thank you for making all of our time here fun and informative. I truly mean that....... Russ

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    Post your pictures in our Forum

    ""If you've got pictures of your work that you'd like to share with everyone, you can now post them on our forum. Click the Album link in the top menu or click this link: "" .... originally posted by Caswell in a global announcement.

    we love pictures! Please visit the link for inspiration for your own project, or to post some of your own for bragging rights. Comments and a rating can be applied to them and are also welcomed. Go ahead and show off.... you know you worked hard on it and deserve it.