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Using two contactors

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  • Using two contactors

    . Run down of what I have: my power source is 240 2 wire with ground PID is auber syl-2342, ink bird timer, two- 2 pole contactors, my question is that is the syl 2342 able to operate both contactors?
    my contactors are buzzing loudly so am I correct the auber is not supplying enough power to both contactors?

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    I would suggest you are pushing the limits a bit, however I have seen many running multiple contractors and the Auber... I would always recommend stepping up the output of the Auber, by triggering a Bosch relay (or similar) with the lower outputs of the Auber, and switching the contractors with the relay. Especially if you're using DC to trigger the Contractors. DC current draw may easily be stepped up this way... I'm sure the same could be done with An SSR to trigger them with AC inputs as well... Glad I could muddy the water some...
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      Thanks for the response!