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    Caswell--- Give Craig a raise!! Now for the background. I own and operate a machine shop and powder coating business and it's my sole income. Monday customer comes in with BMW motorcycle parts (everything except sheet metal) he must have it back by Sat. or his dealer will be 6 weeks before he can schedule it back in for reassembly.
    Received powder from you and "BRAND E" to match customer preference. "BRAND E" powder shows up Wed. same as yours except theirs has gotten very damp and thus is useless for this job. Called Caswell Thurs. and got Craig on the phone not only does he check to see if you have it he offers to can up some right then and kick it out ASAP for me to meet deadline. Then gives me the UPS Guarantee price and your price all while being polite and well mannered. Powder was delivered Fri 1pm with more than enough time to replace "BRAND E". Now this may not sound that great but I use 6 different powder suppliers, well now 5, and Craig was the most profesional to this date. He knew his job, did it well, and was bothered by the fact that a customer had the nerve to ask him to actually do it. So I repeat GIVE HIM A RAISE and thanks for the service.
    D&L Machining & Powder Coating
    DeRuyter, New York

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    Craige says he can't afford to go up a tax bracket

    Thanks for the comments. We try our best!!
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      Oh, well I wouldn't want to endorse anyone to pay more in taxes.