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  • Looking for equipment repair

    I have two Wagner EPG 2007 and I never had them working properly. Powder comes out from the side of the guns so I'm pretty sure they need to be rebuilt. I' m located in Seattle,WA but I'm willing to have it shipped out for the repairs.

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    sorry I don't know how to post bigger pictures. I'll try and figure out. Been messing with the Wagner EPG 2007 and bought a Spectracoat III gun and adapter to run with the units I have. Didn't realize the new gun comes without electrodes so I couldn't even do a test run. I was able to coat some parts using the old Wagner gun and now I have a 4'x4'x6' oven from EBay to try out and this one didn't come with instructions and I burnt the first parts I tried to bake. Set the temp at 390* and it only went to 324* and stayed there but I found out I was in Celsius instead of fahrenheit so the oven actually hit 575*! Since the temp wasn't rising, I kept the parts in longer and I didn't want to open the oven so I wouldn't lose heat. I'm still playing with the equipment.