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  • PC'ing Magnesium

    I've done a few magnesium parts in the past and got good results. A customer is sending me an expensive motorcycle engine block that has been vapor blasted. He wants me to PC it in a clear satin finish to protect it. I don't expect any issues, but wanted to ask here just in case anyone has advice. I will do my usual wash/dry/outgas before I begin masking for powder.


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    If it's been vapor blasted, I don't know that I'd wash it... but definitely use some sort of rinse... after a dusting in the blast cabinet. As long as you outgas after those prep steps, and find no new "oil seepage" when outgassed, I'd do a final rinse down with acetone or denatured alcohol or better... then shoot and cure. It's almost imperative to do some sort pressurized liquid treatment of some kind, however, I have never had any issues using acetone for a solid rinse. I spray it down with a pressure can filled with acetone until it runs clean into a waste container. You will also want to mask afterward on large openings I have been using sign vinyl sheet and doing partial cure and removing the vinyl before final cure... keep the inside nice and you'll be fine. Engine casings have a pretty high occurrence of oil seepage during outgassing... I usually cook it until it stops smoking, and leave to for another hour or so... just to make sure. Magnesium may or may not be OK with that... do your homework on the metallurgy side to make sure you won't be damaging it... after all, your customer has already indicated this is a vey expensive engine...
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      Interesting and good advice Scottrods! While I have no use for that type of work I like to know the proper procedure for a good outcome.