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What gun are you guys using for PC?

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  • What gun are you guys using for PC?

    I have been powder coating for a few months and have had good success. I am using the basic "brand X" gun. I am thinking about moving up to a better gun and would like to do some of the 2 coat processes. What guns are you guys using and what would you recommend? What about price?



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    First of all.... let me welcome you to the "board". I've no doubt you'll find our information and help useful to you as we will your fresh new insight.

    As for coating guns..... we use this one with great success here :

    The price is substantially less than the competition and as you can see by the results in the pictures thread in this section, the results are stellar! Caswell also offers a full line of powders and chemicals geared towards you, the hobbyist, and the list is growing everyday!

    I know I speak on behalf of everybody here (staff and members alike) when I say welcome and we look forward to having you as a fellow hobbyist. If there's anything we can do to help.... don't hesitate to let us know!.......... Russ


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      Do you not need a gun that has adjustable voltage? I love the idea of gravity feed. That is what I use to spray liquid paint.




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        In all honesty I have to say yes, but that is acceptable for VERY few instances. It's mainly good for the higher-end thermoplastics and if something is awry with your powder. These guns have been used with great success all over the world for a very long time. Even industrially, Kv settings are seldom over the 20 mark for epoxies on thier worst days. Also..... I along with you, enjoy a gravity feed design. This may come from years of spraying liquids as well, but it's far superior for moving a volume of powder. Anybody who's sprayed a car finish would agree this is the way to go. The Caswell gun is quite a good offering as far as function and price go and that's probably why it here. If you breeze by the pictures section you'll see the results that you should expect. Nothing short of fantastic, I say. Hope that helps...... Russ