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powder surge using EX50 gun

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  • powder surge using EX50 gun

    I've just started using this gun and am new to powder coating and have found that if the gun is left sitting between parts for more than a few minutes, when you go to start to spray is sends out a powder surge, like a big clump of powder at the start, then it settles down and provides a nice even light flow.

    Is this normal? Oddly I can't say I noticed it happening the first day I used the gun but the next day it seemed to be a problem. My air supply is good and dry (cooling unit, descant drier and filters). The only thing I can think of was the bags of powder were left out in the garage overnight, Until the first test they have been stored in the house.

    Anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Truly, this sounds next to normal for that gun. If you'd like to see if you can prevent it, try removing the cup, putting a lid on it, shaking the cup vigorously and then putting it back on the gun... This should eliminate the compacted powder from being an issue. Otherwise it would be powder still in the gun somewhere, and could likely be ignored by just shooting a little powder out before shooting the part, to clear the initial surge. Generally something I do with ALL guns is give a shot into a filter before shooting directly at my parts to be coated to help identify ANY possible spray issues. Powder costs are low enough still to allow for the "loss".


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      Thanks for the reply Scottrods! That's pretty much what I ended up doing, I trigger the gun away from the part until it starts flowing smoothly.