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PC Technique Recommendation for These Wheels

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  • PC Technique Recommendation for These Wheels

    I just received a pair of Honda wheels that need to be blasted and PC'd. He wants them done in the chrome finish, with black applied to the small cutout areas as seen in the picture. I'm trying to decide what would be the best way to do them. One thought was to shoot and cure the chrome, then after cooling, shoot the black but keep as much off the chrome areas and then remove the excess with a damp sponge, finger wipe around the edges, then cure again. All followed by a clear topcoat. The only other option is to shoot the black and cure, then after cooling, mask off those areas and shoot the chrome, then cure again. I'm thinking that leaving the tape on the freshly cured black areas might not be a good idea for the entire cure cycle. If I went this route, should I pull the tape after a partial cure? I guess I'm leaning toward the first method, but am open to suggestions. Thanks.

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    It really isn't going to be an easy process whichever way you go. But the appearance of the wheels is terrible in the picture it looks as though they have corrosion at least on the surface, which could be a sign of more trouble to come. If it were me, I'd shoot the chrome, then clear, then black in that order... Of course be ready to redo them and redo them and redo them until something acceptable comes out of the oven, as trying to make them look good with a chrome powder is gonna be a task... they really won't even come out looking very aluminum even I don't think... We'll just say the color you will end up with is going to be "silver" yet it will be difficult to get consistent results and I have found in cases where I have to cure any second or more steps over the chrome, there are often dark spots within the overall finish of the "chrome". I find chrome to be a decent base for candies, not a stand alone finish at all... I would highly recommend a conversation with the customer suggesting he move to a metal flake silver finish instead... too many to choose from but whatever you would normally use would be fine.
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