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    I'll start...........

    Hi guys & gals, we live in Central Florida and have more projects than we have time & money. My hubby and I do or try to do everything on our own. Gotta love YouTube and forums like this one. I’m an Admin on a Ford Truck forum so I know how helpful forums are to people like me. We love going to car shows, swap meets and auctions, not the “auction house” type though. They’re usually mostly household items.

    Last year hubby wanted a few parts powder coated for our 41 Ford PU project and I’m thinking that it’s gonna cost us a fortune. I went on YouTube and told him “I can do that”. So, there began my powder coating adventures. I like doing crafty projects like cups & beer koozies much better than parts but it’s all fun.

    After much difficulty in spraying some clear's this summer, most likely due to the constant high humidity here in Central FL, my Hubby & I decided to build a dedicated powder coating room with a small window a/c unit. I’m thinking YEAH because I hate this heat. I think the heat was to blame for much of my PC failures too because standing in a 100+ degree shop without a fan (while coating) isn’t much fun and I’d get impatient. We'd already planned on building a larger oven so I could do things like my Falcon bumpers, tractor parts & larger stuff like that. Well this room build pushed the oven build to the front burner since the box we're starting with won't fit thru the door.

    My Room – 10’ x 10’ x 99” t. We found refrigerator panels on the Marketplace for a real good price. They were only 6’ & 7’ tall so we had to splice them to get the 99” height. It takes 3 panels per wall. Oh, they’re 5” thick so the room will be well insulated. We bought 2” thick 12’ panels for the flat ceiling. I don’t have to worry about water getting in because we’re building it under our 20’ x 40’ overhang, mainly because its concreted. We haven’t secured the front wall or put the ceiling on yet because we have to get the large oven built and put in there first. We’re putting 2 windows and the door will have a window so I can open it up during our 3 months of good weather, usually Dec thru Feb, sometimes March. It’s not so much the temperatures in Oct & Nov, but the skeeters & yellow deer flies that chase me back to the house.

    Current Oven – Old standard oven so space is limited but perfect for small parts and fun stuff. Hubby took my old top-load wash machine and secured it to the top of the oven for my spray booth. He gutted it, made the back into 2 doors and riveted some brackets in for hanging stuff or setting the oven racks on. It’s well grounded and has more room for working the parts than the oven has space.

    Build Oven - 42" w x 37" d x 8' t galvanized gang box. We are putting ceramic fiber blanket insulation around this and using the leftover freezer wall panels as the outer skin. This is about as far as we can go until I get my list of questions gathered asked/answered. Once we have this one done, we have a warming oven we picked up at an auction that we’re going to convert. That will give me 3 baking options.

    That’s it for now. Trust me, y’all will be hearing from me, a lot.

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    The first photo was my very first PC practice project for a friend's airboat - He gave me the powder (Arora Blue) that he'd had laying around for several years. I had to sift it to get it back to powder. Worked out well.

    The second photo is a coolie cup I made for my neighbor for Christmas last year. It was my 4th PC project. Back side has his name on it so his kids don't steal it. lol Edit: for this I used the Eastwood white that came in the beginners kit, Wilder Red and Lolipop Blue. I don't recall if the clear was Eastwood or Prismatic.

    I really like doing the detailed stuff.
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