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  • easy pic posting

    for those that like to post pics..... I just tried it out with some random matte black stuff I recently did. Wow..... even for a moron like me that was a piece of cake! Everybody, post your pics in there to show em what the "powder crew" can do!

    I'm almost thinking of moving everything from our thread (pictures) onto there. I dunno..... move it, leave it alone and have both ways, just keep posting here? You guys tell me. I want our pics everywhere,lol. Sorry..... I like bragging, shoot me.

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    Thank you for posting pics, Fireblade. They look sweet


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      I would post more, but with 56k, I hate waiting lol. High speed is gonna be in my house soon enough, and as soon as I buy another digi camera, I broke my last one, I will take more pics. Everything I have pics of is black, red, blue, chrome. I like more interesting colors, black is one of those colors I love, but I hate having to PC it all the time, everybody wants black!!! lol Black swingarm, wrinkle black air filter covers, you name it!!!! lol