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Need opinion regarding Inkbird ITC-106 RH (relay) operation.

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  • Need opinion regarding Inkbird ITC-106 RH (relay) operation.

    Moderator- feel free to relocate to a more appropriate section, there were three close choices.

    Hi, first post- Have a oven with a Inkbird timer, ITC-106RH temp controller and a 'safety' ITC-100. I took over this project and finished it, I may have done things differently if starting from scratch- two 1500w elements are driven by a Square D contactor. What it is doing: Auto Tune works as expected, temps go and down around the set point (120C- temperature is a test right now), BUT- when the PID kicks back automatically to PID mode- the controller overshoots set temp to 127C then as the temp comes down, the the contactor (seemingly at random) switches on for one sec then shuts off....on/off...on/off...etc until things cool down to say 115C then the things operate normally until overshoot- rinse repeat. I've tried playing with Ctrl, P, I, etc which affects cycle time and duration but doesn't eliminate the random switching. I find it odd that he Auto tune works and PID not so much- concern is also operating life of the contactor if left like this. The controls were wired up a year ago and I finally have got around to play with this thing- I have a spare temp controller that I swapped in and it behaves the same. I'm leaning toward incorrect wiring of controller. Thanks