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Trouble with transparent color

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  • Trouble with transparent color

    Today I tried to do my first transparent color and it did not turn out so well. My problem was once the top coat started to flow out I noticed that in some spots i could still see the base coat. Took out the items from the oven before they were fully cured and put them back on the rack. Once the items had cooled down to being just warm I sprayed them again and used a light to make sure everything was covered and I could not see the base coat showing through anywhere at all. Back in the oven they went and still have spots where the base coat is showing and noticed that most of the sharp edges were not covered.

    Did I let the base coat cure just a little to long? I pulled them from the oven once I noticed I had flow out coverage on all areas with the base coat. I don't believe this could be a ground issue? Had the kv lowered.

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    I've had the same issue with top coats and what I ended up doing was to heat the part to about 150 and shoot them hot just around where the color didn't take before you do your full bake. I have to do the same with single stage coats on a lot of our old tractor parts no matter how good I clean & degas.