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  • Powder Defect help!

    Hello everyone,

    I need some help with this powder defect. I have tried everything I could think of to solve it. Today I ran a series of tests with ACT test panels. I tried things like lowering KV and UA, I tried different guns (we have 2 Gema Optiflex pro and tried a Nordson). I tried different curing lengths, different powders, different ground sources, new boxes of powder and this problem still persists. I am down to my air supply and my oven. My air system is 2 Quincy screw compressors, a wet and dry 400 gallon tank, a refrigerated air dryer and filters (.003 micron) right before the gun. The oven is a Global Finishing oven. Can the oven cause this at all? or what do you think this could be. We do not have this 100% of the time, but lately it has been.

    I look forward to hearing possible solutions.