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  • Business Questions/Help please

    Hi everyone. I am fairly new to the powder coating trade and enjoy my time at work nearly every day. I work at a shop with 3 guys. One of us sand blasts, one manages customers, invoices, office stuff and does the finish coats, and the last guy is a shop helper who helps move heavy pieces and hang stuff, as well as primes most everything and gels his work for the painter.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with some of the business sides of things like:

    1. What is a good sales range for a busy shop with 3 employees?

    2. How much profit should hit the shops bottom line?

    3. What should the pay be for each employee? We struggle finding good help but also need to pay a competitive wage to keep people.

    If anyone is willing to share a profit and loss report or something with me that would be awesome as it would give me a better idea of how to maximize our success.

    Thanks in advance guys!