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    Anyone here try using the hi temp colors on exhaust pipes? Like I have to ask that question! I ordered some of the burner black, going to do the full exhaust on a Harley. I was curious as to how it withstood the heat especially coming out of the cylinder. Anyone with some tried and true findings with it? I think it was DFJR using it on an atc 350x, how bout you DF, what happened? I have done sportbike exhaust canisters with normal PC, but they don't get very hot to start with. So this is something new. Thanks

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    higher temperature coating have SERIOUSLY come a long way in the past few years. I used to ceramic-coat (liquid based) headers all day long and know full well it was going to wear off in a short while. But that's all we had (and we liked it that way when I was a young'un! lol). We would sit there with 0000 steel wool and burnish them until they looked like chrome and think to ourselves "this is the best it will ever look in it's entire life". Not so with todays formulations. I'm sure you will get some minor amount of discoloration with any coating at the apex of the exhaust header where the gases exit. This is to be expected. I'd assume with the black however.... when it cools it will turn back to that original black you expect it to. Or at the very least.... not so discolored you'd even notice it. Think of it this way...... your gas grille doesn't turn all sorts of blue and green does it? Same stuff basically. Your run of the mill matte-black that lasts for quite a while. I have no doubt you'll be happy with that powder..... Russ


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      Here is a header done in the High temp silver

      It takes a little longer cure than most powders. The silver tends to dull slightly, but I haven't noticed that much of a color change with the black.


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        Looks real nice. I have been wanting to do my quadracer pipe in the silver as well, when time permits I shall.