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Can you powdercoat over powdercoat?

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  • Can you powdercoat over powdercoat?

    i was wondering if u can powdercoat over powdercoat? do u need to stip the existing paint or what? thanks.

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    yeap! Of course it's best that you are the one applying the first coat as you never know for certain what you are coating over. Let's say you bought something at the auto-parts store and it was labeled as "powder coated tough" or some sort. GENERALLY speaking, if it was suited for indoor use, it's an epoxy. If it was slated as outdoor use, it's polyester. Of course.... in the world of "money is king"... whatever the owner picked up at a huge discount is usually what is applied, no matter what the useage intended was. Personally, I wouldn't powder coat over somebody else's work as I don't know thier preperation process, grade of coating, coating technique,cure schedules and so on. I either strip and blast or burn off, what have you...... and start from scratch.


    If you were the first and only person to coat an object, by all means put a second coat on. Treat is as the first coat and repeat all steps fresh from the point of where you were last time when you held the coating gun in your hand and at the ready to spray your powder. That is of course.... unless it's something you coated a while ago. If it was ages upon ages (like years) I'd strip it back down and start over. But if it wasn't all that long ago, by all means coat it again if it was never "touched" or clean and scuff if it's just to re-touch the object. Again.... these are all very general answers as I have no idea your intentions but, it should give you some idea as to what you are up against. More specific information will give you a more specific answer. The more details you give us, the more detailed a process we can give you in return. Hope that helps.... Russ